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Business Intelligence Services

Business crime, also known as white-collar criminality is omnipresent  and may affect anyone. In Austria nearly every second venture has fallen victim to it. In some 85% of such criminal acts perpetrators have been supported by insiders.
Are you experiencing problems within your enterprise or do suspicious facts requiring clearance come do your mind? Do you have to provide for decisions within a narrow time-frame and require solid facts?

We are your reliable partner with many years of international experience in investigations and inquiries for big companies in industry, trade, economy, insurances and law. Our know-how covers all aspects of business crime investigations.  That includes due diligence examinations, fraud, corruption, counterfeiting or plagiarizing of merchandise (piracy of products), and economic espionage (theft of intellectual property).
Our network provides for experienced professionals, all recognized specialists in their field and equipped with state of the art tools and technical aids.

Business Intelligence

At the very beginning of either assignment we meet with our client to exchange all relevant information and to define the desired aim. Within the course of an investigation we maintain constant contact with our contracting entity, as this is essential to provide for both flexibility and quick reaction – especially in cases where the investigation is likely going to exceed a certain time frame and/or is of an elevated complexity. Further, this provides our client with a continuous mean to communicate new or altered requirements or self-observations.

The highly specialized and sensitive sector of the persecution of debtors developed from successful cooperation with banks and lawyers. Aim is to gather relevant information contained by the background of a highly discreet atmosphere. During the last few years we have been able to build up a solid network with extremely skilled, competent and influential informants based in Africa, in the USA, the Far East and in Europe.

A summary of our services,

  • Search for evading debtors
  • Investigations into cases of circumvention of enforcement
  • Confirmation of employment status
  • Investigations into suspicion of  obtaining credit by false pretences
  • Investigations into bankruptcy fraud
  • Location of veiled assets
  • Identification of disloyal employees (theft of intellectual property, fraud, etc.)