Under the superordinate term "security consulting" or "security advice" we understand the most diverse consulting services in the security area, which we offer to our customers.

>>„Security is a matter of trust“<<

Comprehensive, holistic consulting services in the security sector are what set us apart. In our security concepts, we individually respond and support our customers' needs.

Our focus in security consulting

We focus our security consulting on the following two areas:

Whether it is security consulting and security concepts for projects in crisis areas or at home, event security, personal/object/transport protection. Our concepts are applicable to all areas.



Partial and holistic security consulting

The development of coherent 360° security concepts is our strength. Security consulting covers the areas of infrastructure, individual, organization and processes.

In addition, we serve special areas such as

  • IT-security
  • information security
  • payment transaction security
  • security in the financial sector

In these areas, we work together with long-standing cooperation partners. In the development of security concepts, we pay attention on the one hand to compliance with ISO-certified processes as well as compliance with legal requirements and implementation in the internal workflow, as not to burden it more than necessary.

Development of a concept in security consulting

The safety concept must always be based on:

  • the general conditions (project type and scope, project significance for the surrounding area, infrastructure, logistics, general security situation, special threat situations, cultural and religious characteristics, socio-economic congestion of the local population)
  • the legal requirements
  • the operational needs

The cornerstones are crucial for the assessment of the situation (safety analysis) as well as the development of the safety concept. We have a highly trained and very experienced team as well as partners in the most diverse requirement areas.

In addition to our security consulting in Germany, we specialize in security concepts for companies and employees abroad.