Fraudulent competition

What is fraudulent competition? Fraudulent competition includes all activities of companies or organisations in economic competition that offend common decency. In many cases, the injured competitors suffer considerable damage. In the event of a violation, we help you to prove allegations conclusively, investigate efficiently and provide evidence that can be used in court.

Fraudulent competition includes among others:

  • hindering the sales of a competitor
  • systematically poaching employees
  • aggressive and unauthorised methods in sales (for example, cold calling)
  • the unauthorised imitation of products or goods
  • misleading or untrue statements in advertising by competitors
  • comparative advertising to make the competitor look bad to consumers and customers
  • damage to reputation
  • infringement of patent rights

In most cases, the detective costs can be claimed back from the injuring party as damages according to § 1295 ABGB.

We help you to clarify violations of the fraudulent competition act in order to remedy the resulting competitive disadvantages and to assert claims for damages arising therefrom.