Asset recovery / Asset tracing

One of the most common problems in the business sector is the difficulty in recovering a claim against a person or organization (with or without debt). 

Experience has shown that it is not uncommon for executions to be unsuccessful. Here, the means of a lawyer are mostly exhausted, because his letters and reminders do not impress the debtor very much. 

Very often, however, there are indicators of hidden assets that are unproven and therefore unenforceable. Those indicators shall therefore be investigated and the necessary and court-enforceable evidence must be procured!

This is exactly where our product starts. With the help of intensive investigative measures the place of assets can be tracked or the route traced where the values have gone.

This mostly applies to clients such as banks in NPL Management, and embezzlement and asset concealment (often in bankruptcy proceedings).

In these cases we use, on the one hand, traditional methods of investigation, as well as conspiratorial practices developed by us over the years. 

A sound plan will be prepared after a previous and thorough collection of facts and background analysis concerning the persons involved and the possible business objects. 

If successful, conclusions about the place of the values ​​can be fully traced, and the evidence useful for the court provided. 

We now have more than 20 years of experience in this field in more than 100 special filed cases. Our clients include banks, corporations, and international law firms and litigation funders.