Business detective agency

You are looking for a detective agency that actively supports you with high professional competence? You are looking for a reliable partner who guarantees absolute discretion? Then you are absolutely right with us.

The tasks of a business detective agency consist in uncovering the facts of a case of justified suspicion of white-collar crime, to substantiate them with valid evidence and to convict the perpetrator(s). Unfortunately, the perpetrators are often to be found in one's own company. From our many years of experience we know that these perpetrators often cause great damage to their own company with enormous criminal energy. Be it of a financial or image damaging nature. In doing so, these perpetrators proceed in a very structured and organized manner.
For example, it happens time and again that valuable internal data is passed on by employees to the competition. The damage caused by this can reach proportions that threaten the existence of the company.

This is exactly where our service comes in.

Our experienced investigators obtain the necessary legally valid facts and evidence. They always act legally and discreetly. They have many years of professional experience and are highly trained in all important legal issues. In this way, we ensure that the evidence obtained can also be used in court in case of doubt. All of our investigators also possess the necessary sensitivity to solve your case in the best possible way and in your interest.

Our portfolio in the area of white-collar crime

This includes the following areas: