Security concepts for companies abroad

In addition to our security consulting nationally, we specialize in security concepts for companies and employees abroad.

The challenge of foreign projects and their security concepts

The most common problem in security projects abroad is the missing of professional supervision and security concepts.

>> As we know, security is a matter of trust. <<

Now, the fact is that you can't just take your security company with you on projects abroad. Other countries, other laws, and guidelines. There must be a comprehensive business license that allows your security partner to operate in the country and to use the required equipment and materials on site. Local and intercultural competence is essential.

Requirements for the project management of security projects abroad

To ensure your security on site you need a competent interface on site. The following points are important for a professional handling and a sound security concept:

  • Establishment of local functioning networks
  • Selection of the security company
  • Conducting audits
  • Subjecting local service providers to a background check
  • Representing the interface between authorities and the company in matters of security
  • Possessing intercultural competence
  • Ensuring the implementation of the security concept through audits and supervision

We have an extremely high level of expertise in this area due to the several years of activity of our managing director and we cover the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical implementation
  • Intercultural competence
  • Strong networks in governmental and non-governmental organizational structures

Our offer portfolio in the field of supervision of security projects abroad includes:

  • Planning of transport security (on land, at sea and in the air)
  • Personal security
  • Facility security in crisis areas - especially in the Middle East and Africa.

Supervision of investigation projects abroad

Who does not know this?! A detective agency abroad was commissioned with investigative work, but instead of useful results you get only high bills for services and expenses. A frequently occurring phenomenon! There are many reasons for this.

Challenges when hiring detective agencies abroad

  • On the one hand, the client has difficulties in knowing or recognizing a good investigator or lacks the insider knowledge of what to look for in the respective country.
  • Most detective agencies have local competence, so they are usually well connected. However, they are usually overwhelmed with larger and international projects.
  • In many cases, the detective agencies are not trustworthy and do not meet international security requirements.
  • There is a financial risk of default due to generally ongoing advance payments because one does not have direct access to the investigator.

For these reasons, if you do not know the detective agency personally, you are well advised not to involve them in the overall assignment, but to integrate them only partially. This means that you may need several detectives and informants to handle an assignment inconspicuously and effectively.

To eliminate these risks an on-site management is necessary, which is well versed in this profession. We can provide you with this management as a reliable and competent partner.

Safety management for employees abroad

Other countries often require different strategic security concepts. Many crisis regions therefore require their own security concepts with prior security analysis for the deployment of employees. A risk analysis as well as planning and coordination for the deployment of personnel abroad is essential. Based on the risk analysis, a security concept with safety precautions and protective measures is worked out. Thus, one is always prepared for an emergency.

Pre-deployment employee safety training

Companies that intend to send employees on a permanent or project-related basis to crisis regions or culturally challenging countries can use this service to prepare their employees for this challenge in the target country and their new workplace. In our trainings, employees from organizations are prepared for the upcoming challenges in seminar form, partly through frontal lectures, instructional discussions, and role plays.

Due to our many years of experience in various crisis regions in Africa and the Middle East, as well as our experience in conducting such training courses, we offer the customer a very high "added value" in this area.

Training topics at the safety training

  • Problem-neutral presentation of the region with its inhabitants
  • Political situation
  • Cultural religious challenges (do's & don't do's)
  • Risks
  • Behavior (general, during transportation, states of emergency, traffic accident, vehicle convoy assault, workplace assault, kidnapping, insurgency)
  • Escape & Evade

Whether consulting, support or training - our competent team supports you and creates an individual safety concept.