Protection of persons and transports

Personal protection for private and businesspeople

The protection of persons and the protection of transports pose a great challenge in terms of planning and implementation, as these are mostly mobile or partially mobile measures. The personnel deployed for this purpose and the operational management must have the necessary training and expertise in this special field of guarding. Our personnel, who has almost exclusively its origin in the use with state structures (military and police), is very experienced and training-technically on the state of the art. Our team is highly experienced and motivated for operations here in Europe and in crisis areas. Abroad we use local partner companies or one or the other subsidiary. However, the mission management is always carried out by hand-picked employees of the Sentinel Group.

Private personal protection

In the area of private personal protection, we create a professional protection concept with you to protect the protected person ideally. Thereby it should come to a minimum restriction of action of the protected person. Through our highly qualified staff, the protected person feels safer and can move as freely as possible. Depending on the case of need and threat scenario, we offer preventive protection concepts up to armed and unarmed protection by our security staff.

Protection of business people

Businesspeople, national as well as international, are confronted with various threats again and again. Our professionally trained team creates a preventive security concept for close protection. The goal is to recognize a possible threat in advance and to act before a bad situation (e.g., assassination, kidnapping or similar) occurs.
In addition to classic businessmen, we naturally offer protection of embassies and consulates. Our staff is very experienced, and many employees come from state structures.
Procedure for personal protection and close protection

  • The first step is a thorough briefing on the threat situation.
  • Subsequently, a comprehensive security concept is drawn up.
  • This concept forms the basis for the preparation of the operational plan. Now the strength of the task forces and resources can be estimated.

Personal protection with highly qualified bodyguards

SENTINEL Group has highly qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technical equipment and many years of experience acquired in numerous assignments.
Our bodyguards are trained in the following subfields: Tactics, Close Combat, Shooting, Explosive Device Detection, Advanced First Aid and Fire Protection, and De-escalation.

Our offer for close protection

  • Direct personal protection: bodyguards are directly and constantly at the side of the protected person and serve as a protective and demonstrative measure. The protected person is never left out of sight.
  • Indirect personal protection: In this case, the guards are located somewhat apart from the protected person and are more in an observation position and can become effective when a danger is detected. The indirect personal protection can also be carried out in combination with the immediate personal protection.
  • Extensive personal protection: This variant of personal protection has more of an observation character and is not comparable with conventional observation. The protection escorts move widely apart, considering keeping in contact.

Protections of transport

In addition to personal protection, our team is also very experienced in the protection of transports, e.g., of valuable goods or in crisis areas.

The cost of the protection of persons and transports

In principle, all work steps (briefing, security concept, plan for deployment and implementation) are subject to a fee and are detailed in an offer. After a detailed situation analysis, we develop the appropriate concept for your protection and provide you with an individual offer.
The SENTINEL Group team is at your disposal in any situation, unobtrusively and with 100% vigilance.