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Special Security Services

Our Special Security Services focus on high risk operations like on-board security for cargo vessels and tow boats against acts of piracy, as well as on close protection services in crisis- and conflict areas.

Our excellently trained and highly experienced team is looking forward to such particular challenges. Staff with many years of corresponding background is being individually chosen and prepared for each and every special mission.

Quality, equaling safety,  is our top priority. This is why we maintain our own training, evaluation and assessments centre in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  This also serves as the base for SENTINEL Special Branch Pty Ltd.
The Sentinel Special Branch PtyLtd comply to ISO PAS 28007.
For additional information please refer to -> training courses.

We offer:

  • Escort of transports and goods in transit on land, over water and in air – even under most challenging circumstances
  • Surveillance and protection of storages and haulage plants worldwide
  • Close protection in conflict areas