We aim to protect
Security is a matter of Trust

Close Protection

We protect individuals from the public and the private sector. The security professionals from the SENTINEL Group conduct long range, collateral and direct close protection.

Our close protection branch comprises of highly qualified and experienced staff who work with state of the art equipment – all tested in multiple international operations.

Our close protection officers are qualified and trained in tactics, close combat, firearms, recognition of explosive substances, advanced First Aid, fire safety and de-escalation.


Close Protection

Advanced and continuing education and training keeps us up to date and allows us to perfectly take care of your personal safety. Each member of our team has gone through years of special training with public emergency services.

While we prepare for an assignment all strategic and tactical necessities are taken into consideration and all involved personnel are briefed and prepared in depth to meet your personal requirements.

Besides to close protection duties as such, we also take care of connected safety related administrative issues such as bookings of flights, hotels, rental cars or aircrafts, arrangements at destinations, etc. – in close cooperation with our international partners.

The SENTINEL Group Team caters to your requirements with 100% alertness and top discretion in every situation.