Clarification of trademark infringements

It is not uncommon for competitors to commit trademark infringements in order to gain a competitive advantage. For explanation it is crucial to find the right access to the suspects. In order to find them, it is necessary to come into contact with the target person/target company by means of a covert investigator, using existing or yet to be established networks. A legend legible over several generations is indispensable in this case.
Subsequently, the evidence (it may have several forms) of the trademark infringement must be provided in order to be able to enforce legal claims.
When it comes to trademark infringements that have a dimension outside Europe or even in Asia, it is necessary to find links in the European judicial area in order to use the evidence as a lever to enforce a reasonable comparison.

In many cases, including some cases with Asian dimensions, we have obtained liquid evidence that has led to successful comparisons acceptable for the client.