Our staff are subject to continuous training provided at our training facilities (Austria, South Africa) in order to maintain skills and to remain up to date.

Please find listed below advanced in-company training:

South Africa:

  • Close Protection
  • Transport/Convoy Protection
  • On-Board Security
  • Close Protection Training
    • Basic/Fundamental Training
    • Hostile Environment
    • Firearms Qualification
    • Leadership Training
  • Static security for enterprises and production facilities


  • Security related training for sales employees
  • Client oriented training

In order to meet our special tactical training requirements we established the subsidiary enterprise SENTINEL Investigators Special Branch Pty. Ldt. based in South Africa, Port Elizabeth. There we are able to carry out e.g. close protection training, transport protection as well as on-board security under efficient conditions.
The place of the location in South Africa is trainings- and assessment center at the same time. Our personnel responsible for Special Services Security is being individually chosen and internally prepared for every mission. Additionally we evaluate applicants and train external/temporarily hired employees in special areas of expertise.

We also offer training in the field of security to external persons since only approx. ¼ of companies located in Austria train their staff with regards to prevention of business crime.  

Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information related to our various training offers. We certainly inform you about available standard programs or individually adapted courses including a concrete proposal.

Our strong point is our extremely well trained and experienced personnel.