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Security is a matter of Trust

Protection of persons and transports

Personal protection and the protection of transports pose a great challenge in terms of planning and implementation, since these are mostly mobile or semi-mobile measures.

The personnel employed and the operations management must have the necessary training and supervision in this special field.

Our staff comes almost exclusively from state structures (military and police), and has extensive experiences and the most recent technical training. Our team is very experienced and well suited and motivated for deployments here in Europe and in crisis areas. We use local partner companies abroad or one or the other subsidiary. However, the operational management is always carried out by handpicked employees of the Sentinel Group.


  • A thorough briefing on the situation threat takes place first (briefing).
  • Creation of a comprehensive security concept (basis for the creation of deployment plan).
  • Only then is it possible to estimate the strength of the task forces and resources.


Basically, all work steps (briefing, security concept, plan for use and implementation) are subject to a fee and are listed in detail in an offer.

Our offer:

  • Immediate personal protection
  • Indirect personal protection
  • Extensive personal protection