We aim to protect
Security is a matter of Trust

Private Investigations

SENTINEL Group investigates and observes for you – discreet and competent. Due diligence and careful investigation are top priorities to establish and maintain productive relationships with all persons involved.

Every case is being treated individually and necessitates a special modus operandi. Subsequently, the generic listing of probable requests and corresponding services is not complete:

  • Cases connected to divorce and child support  (economic reasons & employment relationship)
  • Custody cases
  • Search for hidden, missing persons
  • Search for lost or stolen property
  • Search for hidden property
  • Investigations, observations within the country and abroad
  • Witness identification
  • Provision of DNA material for the proof of paternity
  • Producing evidence for court proceedings, both civil and criminal law
  • Location of debtors
  • Addresses and residences location
  • Investigation of employers
  • Investigations in connection with harassment, blackmail and insult
  • Investigations in connection with fraud, theft and embezzlement
  • Reputation checks

Our professional and experienced observation & investigations team continuously takes part in respective training and advanced education to keep them up to date. Each detective is familiar with all relevant judicial aspects.