Divorce, amicable separation or rude awakening - the detectives of our company will assist you in both cases

What once began as a great love does not last forever for every couple. Numerous reasons can be responsible for a dispute. From "drifting apart" to "flinging/cheating", there are numerous triggers for divorce. Not every marriage can be sustained or ends on good terms. Sometimes the "nasty divorce war" can no longer be averted.

Often, a (proven) infidelity of the partner has finally shaken the already damaged relationship. However, it is not always necessary to give up all the good times together for this reason. Rather, you should first investigate the causes to see if there is still a possibility to get everything back into balance.

Prove infidelity, adultery and infidelity by detective

At this point, numerous questions often arise: Was the one "fling" a one-time thing or is the partner a notorious cheater. Can he/she just not handle money, or is it gambled away and squandered. Was it a white lie or will nothing change....
Who can help at this point to find out the truth about your partner? Whether it is worth fighting for a relationship or not to invest further feelings and forces?

Discrete information and certainty through fact analysis

In this case we can help with a "fact analysis". We find out about your partner, clarify the circumstances and provide you with the necessary information and background. On the basis of this information, they can assess the long-term partnership interests of their partner and thus, based on a sound knowledge, make their decision to continue or end the relationship. Those who have not prepared for this day with a prenuptial agreement are now faced with an almost unsolvable and very costly task.

Whatever your decision, securing usable evidence is strongly recommended in the event of a separation, even if you decide not to use the material against your partner. Secured evidence can improve their position in a divorce after the fact. If evidence is accepted by the court as a reason for the breakdown of the marriage (relative ground for divorce), this has an influence on e.g. alimony payments and many other things.

Partner monitoring requires your "support“

In case of suspicion of infidelity, we investigate extremely discreetly and effectively. If you hire us, we strongly advise you not to investigate yourself or to hinder our investigations. They would certainly attract attention and could endanger the work of our private investigators and make evidence useless.

Legal situation and divorce due to fault

In principle, the legislator does not provide for a list of reasons.
The law speaks of the principle of breakdown, which means that a marital misconduct must have led to the incurable breakdown of the marriage (§49 EheG).

Clarification of the debt

Divorce on grounds of fault (marital misconduct), §49 EheG
A spouse may seek a divorce if the other spouse has culpably broken up the marriage through serious marital misconduct or dishonorable or immoral behavior to such an extent that the restoration of a cohabitation corresponding to its nature cannot be expected. Serious marital misconduct exists in particular if one spouse has broken the marriage or inflicted physical violence or serious mental suffering on the other. A person who has committed misconduct himself may not seek a divorce if the nature of his misconduct, in particular the connection between the misconduct of the other spouse and his own fault, makes his petition for divorce morally unjustified in a proper assessment of the nature of the marriage.

Reasons for breakdown of a marriage

While there is no listing on grounds for divorce, there is a consensus on what behavior can lead to a breakdown:

  • Adultery (violation of marital fidelity through extramarital sexual intercourse).
  • a mere "friendship" that creates the objective appearance of an adulterous relationship
  • Refusal of access to the matrimonial home (e.g. replacement of the lock cylinder, unauthorized removal of the key ...)
  • insults, dangerous threats
  • malicious abandonment
  • friendly (non-sexual) relations with the opposite sex conducted against the express will of the other spouse
  • Careless incurring of debts
  • Lies and secrets
  • Brothel visits
  • Violation of maintenance towards spouse and children
  • friendly (non-sexual) relations with the opposite sex conducted against the express will of the other spouse
  • and so on

Detective report as decisive evidence

A fact analysis/detective report is often a crucial piece of evidence, which - skillfully played out by a good lawyer - can provide surprises.

Costs for an investigation of suspected embezzlement
Attention: The detective fee to be paid, should it be used for evidence and serve for conviction, can be reclaimed not only from the unfaithful spouse, but in many cases also from his/her mistress/lover.

Do you feel that your partner is cheating on you?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will analyze the situation in an initial meeting and work out a possible discreet and efficient solution. We give you certainty.

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