We aim to protect
Security is a matter of Trust


I. Development of partial and complete security concepts

This product includes the development of coherent 360° security concepts for infrastructure, individual, organization & processes. For special areas such as IT, information security and payment security, as well as the financial sector, we use our long-standing cooperation partner.
On the one hand, we pay close attention to compliance with ISO-certified processes, as well as with legal regulations and implementation in the workflow so that we do not burden it more than necessary.
Regardless of whether it is about security concepts for projects in crisis areas or inland, event security, personal/object/transport protection. Our concepts are applicable to all areas.
On the one hand, such a concept always has to concentrate on the general conditions (type of project and scope, project significance for the environment, infrastructure, logistics, general security situation, special threats, cultural and religious features, socio-economic stagnation of the local population), and on the other hand the legal regulations and the operational requirements. The framework conditions and legal regulations are of crucial importance for the assessment of the situation, as well as the development of the security concept.
We have highly trained and very experienced employees and partners in the most diverse areas of application.


II. Construction of security architectures and project management of security projects abroad

The most common problem with security projects abroad is the lack of professional supervision. 

As we all know, security is a matter of trust

But the present situation is that you cannot just take your security company with you for foreign projects. Other countries, other laws and guidelines. Thus, there must be a framework business license that allows their security partner to operate in the country and also allows the use of the required equipment and materials on site. Local and inter-cultural competence is indispensable. 

In order to ensure your safety on site you need a competent interface on site. 

This should: 

  1. Build local working networks 
  2. Select the security company and make an audit in advance and a “background check" 
  3. Perform a background check of the local service provider 
  4. Represent the interface between government agencies and the company in terms of security 
  5. Possess intercultural competence 
  6. Ensure the implementation of the security concept through audits and supervision

Our competencies: 

  1. Strategic planning 
  2. Tactical implementation 
  3. Inter-cultural management 
  4. Language trainings 
  5. Strong networking in state and non-governmental organizational structures 

We have a very high level of expertise in this area due to the many years of work of our managing director.
We offer support in planning of transport safety (on land, water and in the air), in the area of ​​personal protection and plant safety in crisis areas – especially in the Middle East and Africa.


III. Pre-Deployment Trainings 

Companies intending to send staff on a permanent or project basis to crisis or culturally challenging countries can use this service to prepare their employees for this challenge in the destination country. Here, employees are prepared in a workshop form, partly by formal talks, learning-concepts, lectures and role-playing games on the coming challenges.
Through our many years of experience in various crisis regions in Africa and the Middle East, as well as our experience in the implementation of such courses, we offer a very high "added value" to the customer in this area. 

The following topics are processed here: 

  1. Problem-neutral representation of the region with its inhabitants 
  2. Political situation 
  3. Cultural Religious Challenges (do's & don'ts)  
  4. Risks 
  5. Behaviour: 

    + General
    + During transport
    + States of emergency
    - Traffic accident
    - Attack on the vehicle convoy
    - Attack on the workplace
    - Kidnapping
    - Revolt 

+ Escape & Evade


IV. Supervision of investigative projects abroad 

Who doesn’t know that?! A detective agency abroad was commissioned with investigative work, but instead of usable results you only receive high bills for service and expenses. A common phenomenon! The causes are manifold.

Here are the most common: 

  1. On the one hand the client has difficulties to know or to recognize a good investigator or lacks the insider knowledge what to look out for in each country. 
  2. Although most detective agencies have local competence, they are usually well networked. The agencies are often overwhelmed with larger and international projects. 
  3. The detective agencies are in many cases untrustworthy and do not comply with international security conditions. 
  4. There is a financial risk of default due to common running advance payments because you don't have direct access to the investigator. 

For these reasons, one is well advised, if the detective agency is not known personally, it is not introduced into the whole case, but is integrated only partially. This means that you may need several detective agencies and informants to process an order discreetly and effectively.
In order to eliminate these risks, local management is needed, which is well experienced in this profession. We can offer this management for you as a reliable and competent partner.