Special security service in crisis areas

Our special security services focus on high-risk areas.

These include, for example, on-board security on cargo ships and tugboats along high-risk routes threatened by piracy, as well as personal protection in crisis areas.
Our highly trained and experienced staff are optimally prepared for these challenges. The personnel is carefully selected, has a military background of many years and is concretely prepared for each assignment.
Quality is our top priority. For this reason, we operate our own training and assessment facility in Johannesburg, South Africa which is also the location of SENTINEL Special Branch Pty Ltd.
Sentinel Special Branch Pty Ltd adheres to the guidelines of ISO PAS 28007.

For more information, please refer to “Training”.

Our security special service includes:

  • Worldwide guarding of transports and transport goods on land, at sea and in the air - even under the most difficult framework conditions
  • Guarding of warehouses and conveyor systems worldwide
  • Personal protection in crisis areas