Clarification of fraud, embezzlement and corruption offences

Today, fraud and embezzlement are in an increasing number not solved by regulatory, but by non-official investigative procedures in order to avoid risks to reputation by media coverage. Our company comes into play only at this point also in various other areas, where the possibilities of a lawyer were exhausted and the prosecutor has not yet been appointed.

However, the experience from many precedents shows that government investigations very often fizzle out, as the case being handled is one of many, and there are only limited resources available for its solution.

It is not uncommon to apply an interplay of surveillance and interaction with the suspect by a covert investigator, combined with solid IT forensics and thorough research. The latter of course includes a solid Open Source Intelligence, where our company has the necessary software tools and staff available. In many cases, these investigations go directly to asset recovery/asset tracing, if requested, in order to retrieve the lost values.